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Tenga Flip Hole Silver is a bounding squeeze from star shaped details! A strong squeeze is delivered from the firm passage of edges. The stronger thermoplastic elastomer provides a rebounding sensation from its walls. Envelop yourself in a maze of planes and edges for a strong, smooth sensation. Tenga’s pioneering Flip style revolutionizes masturbation. Cutting edge molding technology creates a variety of sensations, and the Flip style means they are always hygienic. Insertion length 6.55 inches. Insertion width 2.54 inches. Weight 1.55 pounds. Sample lubricant included. Materials: case, slide cap PC. Internal sleeve Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE. Size approximately 3.34 inches by 2.67 inches by 6.88 inches. Reusable male masturbation device. Features: stroking stars feel the peaks as they stroke your shaft. Wide ribs welcome you from both sides. Cross head elevated edges stimulate at the apex. Wing edge large wing edges tighten at the tip. Crest wave slide through the stimulus of the rippled waves. Solid gate a firm entry pushes against your glans. To enhance your Flip Hole experience the one hand control pad suspended in elastomer of the Flip Hole can be pressed to control the stimulation of the device to exactly where you want it. How to use. The center pad squeezes out trapped air for increased vacuum pressure. The bottom pad delivers squeeze at insertion point. The upper pad conveys pleasurable stimulation at the tip of the device. How to use. open, lubricate, slide cap on rear and penetrate. Enjoy. Clean before and after use. Wash the Flip Hole under running water. You may use soap, but please refrain from using anything too acidic or alkaline as this may cause the degradation of the internal gel the soft material. Place the Flip Hole on the slide cap to dry after washing. Ensure you store the item in a cool, dry, dark place.

Material: TPE, ABS

Color: Silver

Barcode: 4560220551684